Business Services


● Consulting on fundraising, financing, credit and attracting investments;

● Management of fundraising process (attracting investments), financing, and operating leverage;

● Consulting on selling a business or a part of the business under the best market conditions;

● Management of preparation and formation of  required documentation for fundraising (the strategy of business development, business-planning, presentations, etc.).

Operations consulting

We will help you determine the factors weighing your progress down, reevaluate, and refocus. Thus, your business will gain the lacking elements of an innovative and global vision to transition to a new level of growth and reach better results.

● Audit of current financial flows and their optimization;

● Business efficiency consulting (income, capitalization, etc.);

● Systematization and optimization of all company’s processes;

● Reorganization and optimization of organization’s structure including reduction of expenses and efficiency enhancement;

● Business capital model development and optimization of all processes through asset structurization.

Change Management

The pace of business is changing and companies should adjust accordingly. Globalization and innovative development are already required for businesses to foster. We will help you form the right goals, tasks, strategy, and tactics of transitioning to a new level of development and achieve your desired results.

Project Management and Fundraising for Startups

Strategic planning, business-plan, support, and fundraising on all stages of project realization. Management of the final sale of a business to investors.

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